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Who am I? Career and Summary:

My Name’s “Ali Umut Zabun” Crypto Influencer & Binance KOL, Contents Creator, Musician I was born on 08.08.1997, I was interested in social activities, music and sports since primary school. I met social media in my high school years. I became a well-known name with my videos and content on platforms such as Vine, Scorp and Instagram. During this time, I made 3 professional songs. and I reached more people, I was introduced to Bitcoin in 2017 and I continue my marketing activities by making various contents, writing articles and on channels such as I was chosen as the Best Crypto Influencer.

🎙 I have +1.2 Million Community and promoted more than +1800 projects on Instagram and Telegram , X, Youtube + Social Blogs

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Ali Umut ZABUN
  • 3 Daily Story Instagram
  • 1 Main Post İnstagram
  • 1 Tweet X , Quote Tweet , RT
  • 1 Telegram Channel Post


Ali Umut ZABUN
  • 10 Daily Story İnstagram
  • 2 Post Instagram
  • 1 Video Instagram
  • 1 Tweet X , Quote Tweet,RT
  • 1 Post Telegram
  • 1 Video Youtube
  • BinanceSquare Press Release


Ali Umut ZABUN
  • 30 Day Instagram Story
  • 2 Post Instagram
  • 1 Video Instagram
  • 2 Post Telegram
  • 1 Video Youtube
  • 10 Day Bilboard +100 Digital Face


1 MONTHLY PACKAGE* (140+ Screens in Total)
  • +5 Advertising on big billboards(most crowded places ) and shopping centers (on our own screens) and outdoor billboards in Istanbul
  • +5 Advertising on big billboards(most crowded places ) (on our own screens) and outdoor billboards in Ankara Capital city
  • A large fixed billboard on a large overpass in Ankara
  • In big cities all over Turkey (more than +100 shopping center promotions are on the billboard in a total of 1 month)
  • - Bilboard screening in Adana, Turkey's largest screen
  • Escalator advertisement and revolving door advertisement
  • Shopping center billboard advertisements in Antalya and Mersin in major tourist destinations
  • Advertisements for the inside of the subway and the promotion billboard on the screens under the subway
  • Tshirt prints and various content are on our social media channels (videos and similar pictures)
  • Fixed board advertisements and bus stops billboards
  • 30 days of Promotions on my personal instagram account (1.1M) and verified artist youtube account . Binance Feed articles ( I'm officially a binance global partner)
  • Story sharing on famous accounts on Instagram and promotional articles on Turkey's major news sites
  • Ad results reports at the end of the monthly

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